In order to receive award participants are required in the period from March 1st till March 21st 2017 to get at least 1918 points for two way contacts with the amateur radio stations from Moscow city (MA), Sankt-Peterburg (SP), Moscow area (MO) and Leningradskaya oblast (LO) activated within Radio marathon “Moscow-870 anniversary.




Dates of activity: between 00:00 UTC on March 1st, and 23:59 UTC on March 31st, 2017. The two-way contacts count for QSO on any HF/VHF band, any mode (CW, Phone, DIGI). Duplicated QSO count on different band and / or mode. All digital contacts (RTTY, JT65, PSK31, PSK63 etc) count for DIGI only one time per each band.

Valid stations and Point Values:

  • First QSO with any SES R870x (in the period from January 1st till December 31st 2017)  – 870 points;
  • QSO with R1918M (in the period from March 11th till February 20th 2017) – 100 points;
  • QSO with Moscow city (RDA MA-xx) and Sankt-Peterburg (RDA SP-xx) - 19 points;
  • QSO with Moscow area (RDA MO-xx) and Leningradskaya oblast (RDA LO-xx) – 18 points.


  • Only first QSO with any SES from R870MR870O, R870C, R870K, R870B, R870A count 870 points. All other contacts count 19 points each but in the period from January 1st till December 31st, 2017.
  • All the points are multiplied by two on 160 meters and VHF/UHF. This condition does not apply to a first QSO with the R870.
  • All the points are multiplied by two (by four on 160 meters and VHF/UHF) for the HAM's outside Europe. This condition does not apply to a first QSO with the R870.


1918 The transfer of the capital of Russia from Petrograd to Moscow


The 12th of March 1918 was the last ever transfer of the capital in modern Russian history. The transfer was initiated by Bolshevik Government because of some social and political reasons. The new state border with Finland  was just 35 km away from Petrograd. There were quite amount of White officers in Estonia and Finland.  German troops approached Pskov and Narva.  Petrograd was very vulnerable because it was easy to approach from the Baltic sea and was near to Baltic countries.


The transfer was based on “Notice about moving to Moscow” which was signed by Vladimir Bonch-Bruevich on March 12th 1918 and was confirmed by the First all-Union Congress of Soviets on December 30th 1922.